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A Little About Me

I genuinely care for people and have the ability to tune in and provide non evasive and non judgemental insight to deliver messages channelled for you from your spirit guides, soul connections and loved ones passed.

It is all energy and many tools are used to access your messages such as chakra balancing, aura cleansing, Reiki, massage, Tarot and Oracle card readings.

My psychic ability will give you clear and accurate insight, providing messages and guidance through a gentle and loving heart.

Messages come through in a compassionate and insightful manner which will leave you feeling uplifted with a loving, lasting and positive effect.

Amethyst Crystal

Many of us psychics are born with these sensitivities and I started to develop mine further through self discovery, in the year of 1994.

This is where I learnt aromatherapy and massage and made individual body and facial creams for my clients.

I am able to obtain chakra readings from my own self-programmed crystal pendulum and can sense energy blocks within your body and clear them.

Lapis Lazuli

My deeper studies of energy healing work were explored over other art forms of a metaphysical nature.

These included Reiki I & II traditional and intuitive, Head, Neck and Foot (Reflexology) massage, Tarot Card Reading of the traditional Rider Waite Deck, Mythic Tarot Deck (Greek Mythology), Celtic Tarot (European), Tarot Dice (English), Runes (German), Angel Feather Oracle Cards and many, many more Oracle decks which are far too many to list.

Rose Quartz

I hold an uncanny ability to psychically tune in emotionally and telepathically sensing within the attitude and emotion of the person I am reading to. This enables me to provide compassionate and insightful support giving my clients strength and clarity.

My clients often comment of feeling a sense of calmness, giving them courage to see their truth and the ability to gently release the chains of fear.

Many clients return to recharge and tap into what they describe as ‘a strength of loving – kindness in today’s world’.

Citrine Crystal
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A Rare Soul

I have found Catherine Jean to be a compassionate and gentle reader that guides you through the journey of a reading with integrity and honesty. Catherine uses her psychic abilities to connect to the cards giving guidance and support. I have found her readings and healings to be a truly positive and uplifting experience. I would highly recommend Cath as a reader and healer. She will also cleanse you so that you leave her feeling uplifted and empowered.


A Revelation

Having Cath read my cards for me was nothing short of a huge revelation for me. She was so spot on with every aspect of my life, it was like she had lived my life. Cath is very gentle when she is reading for a person, making sure that you are comfortable with the steps, that you fully understand what is being conveyed, and give you time and space to ask what questions you need. I have recommended Cath to friends, and will do again. She is one of the lucky ones who has been given a gift that she doesn't squander and is more than happy to help people.


One of a Kind

Cath is the sweetest and purest form of a human I have ever come across. I love having her do my readings and love how connected we both are to each other. I will always come to Cath feeling confused/stressed and without fail I always leave her feeling refreshed, calm and ready to take on the world. Cath has so much knowledge and heart and she is definitely one of a kind!

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